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Table 1 Strains and plasmids

From: The alkylation response protein AidB is localized at the new poles and constriction sites in Brucella abortus

Strain Relevant Genotype or Description Reference or Source
B. abortus   
544 NalR Nalidixic acid-resistant B. abortus 544 J-M. Verger
XDB1155 B. abortus 544 pdhS-cfp [16]
XDB1120 XDB1155 + pDD001 This study
XDB1121 Disrupted aidB in B. abortus 544 NalR This study
XDB1122 XDB1155 + pDD003 This study
XDB1123 XDB1155 + pDD007 This study
XDB1124 XDB1155 + pDD008 This study
XDB1127 XDB1121 + pDD001 This study
XDB1118 B. abortus 544 with integrated pCVDH07 This study and [33]
XDB1128 XDB1118 + pDD001 This study
E. coli   
DH10B Cloning strain Invitrogen
S17-1 RP4-2, Tc::Mu,Km-Tn7, for plasmid mobilization [26]
Plasmid Relevant Genotype or Description Reference or Source
pDONR201 BP cloning vector Invitrogen
pRH005 Gateway-compatible YFP low copy vector [34]
pRH016 Gateway-compatible pBBR1-MCS1-3HA [34]
pDD001 pRH005 carrying aidB This study
pDD002 pDONR201 carrying aidB This study
pDD003 pRH016 carrying aidB This study
pDD007 pRH016 carrying acaD1 This study
pDD008 pRH016 carrying acaD2 This study