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Figure 5

From: Complete genome sequence of a serotype 11A, ST62 Streptococcus pneumoniaeinvasive isolate

Figure 5

Characterization of ϕSpn_200. A) Genomic organization of ϕSpn_200 prophage. The colors of the ORFs (arrows) of ϕSpn_200 are in accordance with their predicted function: violet refers to genes involved in lysogeny, yellow to genes involved in replication/immunity, fuchsia to genes involved in packaging, turquoise to genes involved in the structure and orange to genes involved in lysis. Some of the proteins indicated are described in the text. Blue arrows at both ends of the prophage indicate the ORFs of the host chromosome. B) Detection of phage particles in the supernatant of strain AP200 induced to lysis by mitomycin C. Electron micrographs show: several viral particles (left) and a single phage particle with a collar structure (arrow) and a slightly bent tail (right).

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