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Figure 3

From: Comparing Enterovirus 71 with Coxsackievirus A16 by analyzing nucleotide sequences and antigenicity of recombinant proteins of VP1s and VP4s

Figure 3

Part of the results of the detection of IgG against s108 (EV71) VP1 (A), s67 (EV71) VP4 (B), s390 (CA16) VP1 (C) and s401 (CA16) VP4 (D) by Western Blot. Western blot assay using goat anti-human IgG as secondary antibody. Lanes 1-10 in A, lanes 1-10 in B, lanes 1-11 in C and Lanes 1-12 in D represent immunoblotting with sera from adult for regular health check up. M represents molecular weight Marker (Fermentas, #SM0671).

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