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Figure 1

From: Comparing Enterovirus 71 with Coxsackievirus A16 by analyzing nucleotide sequences and antigenicity of recombinant proteins of VP1s and VP4s

Figure 1

Phylogenetic analysis based on EV71 vp1s (A), EV71 vp4s (B), CA16 vp1s (C) and CA16 vp4s (D). The unrooted phylogenetic trees were generated by the neighbor-joining method on the basis of a multiple alignment of the nucleotide sequences of EV71 vp1s, EV71 vp4s, CA16 vp1s and CA16 vp4s. The sequences in the dendrograms marked by red circle (), green triangle (Δ) and blue square (□) were isolated in this research (additional file 2) while other sequences were obtained from GenBank (additional file 1). CA16 strain G-10 was used as an outgroup in Figure 1A and Figure 1B while EV71 strain BrCr was used as an outgroup in Figure 1C and Figure 1D.

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