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Table 2 Plasmids used in this study

From: Development of a gene cloning system in a fast-growing and moderately thermophilic Streptomyces species and heterologous expression of Streptomyces antibiotic biosynthetic gene clusters

Plasmids Genotype or description Source or reference
pTSC1 A 6996-bp plasmid of strain X4-3 This work
pTSC2 A 7.5-kb plasmid of strain X3-3 This work
pTSC3 A 50-kb plasmid of strain T6-1-4 This work
pTSL1 A 16-kb linear plasmid of strain T6-1-4 This work
pSP72 amp colEI-ori Life Technologies, Inc
pBluescript II SK amp colEI-ori lacZ Stratagene, Inc
pQC156 A 2.6-kb BclI-fragment of melC/tsr cloned in pSP72 (BglII) [46]
pCWH1 A 7-kb KpnI fragment of pTSC1 cloned in pQC156 This work
pCWH100 A 7-kb KpnI fragment of pTSC1 cloned in pBluescript II SK This work
pIJ702 melC tsr pIJ101 origin [31]
pZR10 A 8.9-kb Sau3A1-fragment of pFP11 origin cloned in pQC156 [33]
pZR115 A 4.1-kb Sau3A1-fragment of pFP1 origin cloned in pQC156 [33]
pZR205 Two fragments (PCR) of SLP1 rep/imp cloned in pQC156 [33]
pZR51 A 2.2-kb HindIII fragment of pFRL2 origin cloned into pQC156 [32]
pHAQ61 A 2.9-kb fragment of SAP1 origin cloned in pQC156 Zhang and Qin, unpublished data
pYQ40 A 2-kb fragment of SCP2 origin cloned in pQC156 Yang and Qin, unpublished data
pGP9 A 4.1-kb EcoRI/BglII fragment of pSHK1 origin cloned in pQC156 [32]
pSET152 Streptomyces phage φC31-derived integration vector, aprr [38]
pHAQ31 amp colEI-ori cos melC tsr [47]
Cosmid N7-85 pHAQ31 (BamHI) containing c. 33 kb sequence (5510413-5543521 bp) from S. coelicolor A3(2) This work
pCWH74 A 2.6-kb XbaI/NheI fragment containing the phiC31 integrase gene cloned in a pHAQ31-derived cosmid containing the actinorhodin biosynthetic gene cluster This work
024CAO-3 The anthramycin biosynthetic gene cluster cloned into a cosmid CAO2 [22]