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Table 1 Bacterial Strains and Plasmids

From: The Fur regulon in anaerobically grown Salmonella enterica sv. Typhimurium: identification of new Fur targets

Strains Genotype Reference/Source
Salmonella enterica Typhimurium 14028s 'wild-type' American Type
Culture Collection
KLM001 Δfur::bla [79]
NC 997 Δfnr::cat This work
NC 1006 Δfur::bla Δfnr::cat This work
NC1016 Δhfq::FRT [29]
NC 1067 ftnB'::lacZY This work
AV0305 hmpA'::lacZY [125]
NC 1065 Δfur::bla ftnB'::lacZY This work
NC 1066 Δfur::bla hmpA'::lacZY This work
NC 1068 Δfnr::cat hmpA'::lacZY This work
NC 1069 Δfur::bla Δfnr::cat hmpA'::lacZY This work
NC 1077 Δfnr::cat ftnB'::lacZY This work
NC1078 Δfur::bla Δfnr::cat ftnB'::lacZY This work
NC1020 Δfur::bla Δhfq::FRT This work
pKD46 Phage λ gam-bet-exo under P araB [41]
pCP20 bla cat cI857 λPR flp pSC101 oriTS  
pCE36 ahp FRT lacZY+ oriR6K [46]
pKD3 bla FRT ahp FRT PS1 PS2 oriR6K [41]
pKD4 bla FRT cat FRT PS1 PS2 oriR6K [41]
pKD13 bla FRT ahp FRT PS1 PS4 oriR6K [41]