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Figure 4

From: Immunodominant proteins α-1 giardin and β-giardin are expressed in both assemblages A and B of Giardia lamblia

Figure 4

Immunolocalization of α-1 giardin Giardia trophozoites. (A) Reactivity of G3G10 mAb on WB and GS Giardia trophozoites was determined by indirect immunofluorescence in permeabilized (upper panels) and non-permeabilized (lower panels) trophozoites. The arrowheads show the paraflagellar dense rods and the arrows indicate the bare area. Scale bar: 10 μm. (B) Reactivity of G3G10 in permeabilized trophozoites of WB clone C6, WB clone A6, Portland-1 and P-15 strains. Scale bar: 10 μm.

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