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Table 1 Genes disrupted in M and S mutants identified ( LM)-PCR

From: Characterization of a Mycobacterium smegmatis uvrAmutant impaired in dormancy induced by hypoxia and low carbon concentration

Clone name3 M. smegmatismc2155b Gene product/function Insertion sitec M. Tuberculosisortholog(% identity)*d
Ml MSMEG_4806 putative acyl-CoA 201 NFe
M2 MSMEG6781 hypothetical protein 681 NF
M3 MSMEG_4727 Mycocerosic Acid synthase 2723 Rv1527(65%)
M4 MSMEG_6215 Manganese containing catalase 252 NF
M5 MSMEG_5925 Riesce(2Fe-2S) domain protein 608 Rv3526 (65%)
M6 MSMEG_3215 ABC transporter ATP-binding protein 518 NF
M7 MSMEG_5714 Short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase SDR 104 NF
M8 MSMEG_0200 Hypotetical protein 779 NF
M9 MSMEG_6105 Cell division protein 447 Rv3610c (86%)
M10 MSMEG_0831 Short-chain dehydrogenase 159 NF
Mil MSMEG_6611 Hypotetical protein 110 NF
M12 MSMEG_0304 Acyl-CoA synthase 177 Rv1427c (77%)
M13 MSMEG_0228 Adenylate and Guanilate cyclase domain protein 1417 NF
SI MSMEG_3808 UvrA exinuclease, ABC, A subunit 866 Rv1638 (88%)
S2 MSMEG_3808 UvrA exinuclease, ABC, A subunit 959 Rv1638 (88%)
S3 MSMEG_4293 Glutammate-ammonia-ligase adenylyltransferase 883 Rv2221c(73%)
  1. aSelected mutants moderately (M) or severely affected (S)
  2. bGenes are indicated as annotated by TIGR/GeneBank database (Accession number C000480.1)
  3. cRelative to the first base of the putative coding sequence
  4. dCut off identity was set at 60%
  5. e Not found