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Table 1 E. faecalis strains used in this study

From: CcpA represses the expression of the divergent cit operons of Enterococcus faecalis through multiple cresites

Strain Genotype or description Source or reference
JH2-2 Cit+ [44, 45]
CL14 CcpA deficient [27]
JHB1 JH2-2 citO::pmCitO [6]
JHB2 JH2-2 (pTCV-PcitHO) [6]
JHB6 JH2-2 (pTCV-PcitCL) [6]
CL1 CL14 (pTCV-PcitHO) This study
CL2 CL14 (pTCV-PcitCL) This study
JHB11 JHB1 (pCitO) [6]
JHB15 JHB1 (pTCV- PcitHO) (pCitO) [6]
JHB16 JHB1 (pTCV- PcitCL) (pCitO) [6]
JHS1 JHB11 (pTCV-PcitHO-C 1 C 2 ) This study
JHS2 JHB11 (pTCV-PcitHO-C 1 C 2M ) This study
JHS3 JHB11 (pTCV-PcitHO-C 2 C 3 ) This study
JHS4 JHB11 (pTCV-PcitHO-C 2M C 3 ) This study
JHS5 JHB11(pTCV-PcitHO-C 2M C 3M ) This study
JHS6 JHB11 (pTCV-PcitCL-C 2 C 3 ) This study
JHS7 JHB11 (pTCV-PcitCL-C 2 C 3M ) This study
JHS8 JHB11(pTCV-PcitCL-C 2M C 3M ) This study