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Figure 2

From: Genome organization of epidemic Acinetobacter baumanniistrains

Figure 2

Variable regions in A. baumannii genomes. A chart of the genomic islands (GEIs) depicted as bars in Figure 1 is displayed. Each line corresponds to a chromosomal locus. Different GEIs inserted at the same locus in different strains are marked by different colours and lower case letters. Sizes of GEIs are given in kb. Black boxes within GEIs denote mobile sequences, down and up arrows to the left indicate that the GEI G+C content is lower than 36% or higher than 42%, respectively. Dots flanking GEIs denote TSDs. The strain names and relative acronyms used throughout the text are given at the top. Acronyms below complete genomes are those used at Kyoto Encyclopaedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG).

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