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Table 3 Negative ions arising from MS/MS analysis of the m/z = 1141 pyoverdine species

From: Characterization of pyoverdine and achromobactin in Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola 1448a

Peak number Mass Composition of ion
1 357.13 B ion: CHR
2 458.24 B ion: CHR_K
3 616.28 B ion: CHR_K_OH-D
4 718.32 B ion: CHR_K_OH-D_T
5 818.39 B ion: CHR_K_OH-D_T_T
6 905.42 B ion: CHR_K_OH-D_T_T_S
7 1036.41 B ion: CHR_K_OH-D_T_T_S_OH-D
Y1 1067.48 Y ion resulting from loss of chromophore acyl group
  1. Fragmentation of the m/z = 1141 pyoverdine species resulted in identification of the following negative ions as shown in Figure 2B. Peaks 1-7 match the expected pattern of B-ions previously reported for fragmentation of other P. syringae linear pyoverdine molecules. Y1 has the expected mass for the Y ion resulting from loss of the acyl group of the chromophore. CHR = chromophore, OH-D = hydroxyaspartate, all other amino acids indicated by standard one letter code.