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Table 3 Vectors and interaction summary

From: The protein interaction map of bacteriophage lambda

Vector pair(s) Fusions proteins Interactions*
pDEST22/pDEST32 N/N (N-terminal fusions) 8
pGADT7g/pGBKT7g N/N (N-terminal fusions) 44
pGBKT7g/pGADCg N/C (N-terminal/C-terminal fusions) 39
pGBKCg/pGADCg C/C (C-terminal/C-terminal fusions) 18
pGBKCg/pGADT7g C/N (C-terminal/N-terminal fusions) 26
  1. * Redundant, i.e. some interactions are found with multiple vectors.
  2. Fusion proteins indicate the location of the DNA-binding (DBD) and activation domains (AD), respectively, of each vector pair. For instance, the pDEST vectors both have the DBD and AD fused at the N-terminus of the bait and prey protein. Vectors are listed as bait/prey pairs.