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Table 2 Bacterial strains and plasmids

From: Mobilisation and remobilisation of a large archetypal pathogenicity island of uropathogenic Escherichia coli in vitrosupport the role of conjugation for horizontal transfer of genomic islands

Strain or plasmid Relevant characteristic(s) Source or reference
E. colistrains   
536 wt UPEC wild type strain, SmR [69]
536-21 536, ΔPAI I536 ΔPAI II536, SmR [2]
536-19/1mob Donor strain in the mobilisation experiments, pir λatt , mobGP704 inserted in PAI II536, pRP4, SmR, ApR, CmR, TcR, KmR This study
SY327λpir F-, araD, Δ(lac pro), argE(Am), recA56, RifR, gyrA λpir [60]
SM10λpir thi1, thr1, leuB6, supE44, tonA21, lacY1, recA::RP4-2-Tc::Mu λpir KmR [60]
SY327-23 Mobilised PAI II536 is integrated into leuX This study
SY327-77 Mobilised PAI II536 is present as a CI This study
pGEM®T-Easy bla, T/A cloning vector Promega
pGP704 bla, oriR6K, mobRP4 [60]
pSG704 cat, oriR6K, mobRP4 This study
pCVD442Tc bla, tet, oriR6K, mobRP4, sacB This study
pLDR8 neo, int expression vector, Ts neo, int expression vector, Ts [62]
pLDR9 bla neo, cloning vector to integrate DNA into attB [62]
pPAI II-CI bla, positive control for detection of PAI II536-specific CIs [17]