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Table 1 ISSR primers designed for this study

From: Global population structure of Aspergillus terreus inferred by ISSR typing reveals geographical subclustering

Primer Sequence Repeat Type
ISSR_7 DDB(agg)5 Trinucleotide
ISSR_8 DDB(cag)5 Trinucleotide
ISSR_9 DDB(gag)5 Trinucleotide
ISSR_10 DDB(ctc) 5 Trinucleotide
ISSR_11 DDB(gtg)5 Trinucleotide
ISSR_12 DDB(aacg)4 Tetranucleotide
ISSR_13 DDB(cgca) 4 Tetranucleotide
ISSR_14 DDB(gcca)4 Tetranucleotide
ISSR_15 DDB(ct)8 Dinucleotide
ISSR_16 DDB(ca)8 Dinucleotide
  1. Capital letters in ISSR primer sequences denote degenerate sites: B denotes nucleotides c, g, or t; D denotes a, g, or t. Subscripts indicate the number of repeats. Bold lettering indicates the primers used for fingerprinting.