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Table 1 Sampling site locations and characteristics

From: SNP diversity of Enterococcus faecalis and Enterococcus faecium in a South East Queensland waterway, Australia, and associated antibiotic resistance gene profiles

Code Site name
(GISb map reference)
Site characteristics
C1 Coomera marina
(-27.861672, 153.339089)
Cattle/kangaroo feeding, house-boat mooring site
C2 Santa Barbara
(-27.855165, 153.350612)
Well used park, BBQ, toilets and fishing, private houses about 100 m away
C3 Sanctuary Cove
(-27.851617, 153.362140)
Canal estate, modern houses and apartments, modern infrastructure, commercial/light industrial area
C4 Jabiru Island
(-27.879057, 153.380685)
Busy through road, disused sand mine, no houses, small park with toilets
C5 Paradise Point
(-27.886359, 153.396596)
Public swimming area, mouth of river, much water traffic
C6 Coombabah, Estuary
(-27.896607, 153.366845)
Established suburban area, bush island opposite
  1. b Global information system