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Figure 2

From: The hyl Efm gene in pHylEfm of Enterococcus faecium is not required in pathogenesis of murine peritonitis

Figure 2

Physical map of the plasmids pHOU1 and pHOU2 for targeted mutagenesis of E. faecium. A, plasmid used for construction of TX1330RF (pHylEfmTX16Δ4genes), TX1330RF(pHylEfmTX16Δ hyl ), TX1330RF(pHylEfmTX16Δ hyl-down ) and TX1330RF (pHylEfmTX16Δ down ) deletion mutants (Figure 1); B, plasmid used for construction of the TX1330RF(pHylEfmTX16Δ7,534) deletion mutant (Figure 1)

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