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Figure 1

From: The hyl Efm gene in pHylEfm of Enterococcus faecium is not required in pathogenesis of murine peritonitis

Figure 1

Physical map of the hyl Efm -region in pHyl EfmTX16 . The annotated predicted function of the corresponding genes is shown above the genes. The genes were divided into three groups (metabolism, transport [in gray] and regulation based on putative functions). Strain nomenclature follows that specified in Table 1. Black arrows above the genes indicate the position of the primers used to obtain DNA fragments for mutagenesis and follow the nomenclature of Table 2. The crosses depict the genes that were deleted. The asterisks indicate only partial deletion of the gene was obtained. aThe number refers to the glycosyl hydrolase family with hyl Efm depicted in bold; ballelic replacement with the chloramphenicol acetyl transferase gene (cat) was performed. NA, not applicable.

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