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Figure 1

From: "Glucose and ethanol-dependent transcriptional regulation of the astaxanthin biosynthesis pathway in Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous"

Figure 1

Effect of glucose on expression of the carotenoid biosynthesis genes in X. dendrorhous. The gene expression kinetics in the wild-type strain after adding glucose (20 g/l final concentration) was determined with respect to the control (black circle) for the carotenogenesis genes and for the grg2 and PDC genes. a: grg2 (white inverted triangle) and PDC (black square); b: mmcrtYB (white circle) and amcrtYB (black inverted triangle); c: mmcrtI (white circle) and amcrtI (black inverted triangle); d: crtS (white circle). The error bars correspond to the standard deviation (n = 3). The negative values on the y-axis denote decreases relative to the control. mm: mature transcript, am: alternative transcript.

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