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Table 1 Latent variables related to specific adaptation

From: Bacterial adaptation during chronic infection revealed by independent component analysis of transcriptomic data

Latent variables Related strains Functions of selected enriched genes by ICA
   Up regulated Down regulated
2 B12-4, B12-7 Antibiotic resistance
Iron metabolism
Citronellol/leucine catabolism
4 B6-0, B6-4 LPS modification Flagellum biogenesis
16 CF114-1973 Fimbrial biogenesis -
20 CF66-2008 LPS modification -
22 CF173-2002 - -
14 Early stage isolates from 1973 Type III secretion -
6 Late stage isolates Antimicrobial peptide tolerance -
10 Late stage isolates Potassium uptake system Quorum sensing
18 Late stage isolates Alginate biosynthesis Motilities