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Figure 1

From: Physiologic cold shock of Moraxella catarrhalisaffects the expression of genes involved in the iron acquisition, serum resistance and immune evasion

Figure 1

OM proteome analysis following cold shock in M. catarrhalis. OMPs were extracted from a culture of M. catarrhalis strain O35E, which was exposed to a 3-hour cold shock at 26°C (A) or to continuous growth at 37°C (B). A collection of 6 gels (3 of each temperature) resulting from three independent experiments was analyzed by ImageMaster® 2D Platinum software (Amersham). Three OMPs that are differentially regulated in response to a 26°C cold shock, are indicated in the boxes (A and B). Gel of OMPs isolated from a M. catarrhalis O35E.tbpB mutant grown at 37°C is shown (C). Identified proteins are labeled. The pI and mass (kDa) values are shown at the top and the right side of each gel.

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