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Table 5 pH and temperature at the different production steps in L'Etoile du Vercors (St-Marcellin)

From: Bifidobacterium pseudolongum are efficient indicators of animal fecal contamination in raw milk cheese industry

Production steps (Analysed step) pH Temperature
Milk at the factory (A) 6.7 4°C
After maturation (2h30) 6.5 22°C
After rennet/Day 0 (B) 6.45 22°C
After moulding/Day 1 4.3 22°C
After removal from the mould/Day2 (C) 4.35 22°C
Ripening/Day 15 4.7 12°C (from J+8)
Ripening/Day 21 (D) 5.5 12°C
Ripening/Day 28 >6 12°C