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Table 2 Effect of L. casei CRL 431 administration on the cytokines released in cultures of immune cells isolated from Peyer's patches of mice untreated, treated and infected with S. Typhimurium

From: Oral administration of a probiotic Lactobacillus modulates cytokine production and TLR expression improving the immune response against Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium infection in mice

Experimental groups Cytokine concentration (pg/ml)
  TNFα IFNγ IL-10
C 203 ± 32a 139 ± 83a 65 ± 13ac
Lc 257 ± 55ac 1175 ± 563bc 187 ± 91b
S 336 ± 90bcd 1384 ± 74c 102 ± 42ab
Lc-S 328 ± 4b 148 ± 86a 102 ± 24ab
Lc-S-Lc 432 ± 20d 592 ± 40b 34 ± 18c
  1. The concentration of different cytokines were evaluated in supernatant of cultures of cells isolated from Peyer's patches of mice at 2 time points: the day of the infection (basal data) for the untreated control (C) and for mice given L. casei CRL 431 during 7 days (Lc), and 7 days post infection for infection control (S), mice given probiotic 7 days before the infection (Lc-S) and mice given continuously probiotic, before and after infection (Lc-S-Lc). Cytokine concentration in the cell culture supernatants after 24 h of incubation was determined by ELISA. Results are expressed as the means ± SD of the concentrations of each cytokine released into the supernatant (pg/ml). Means for each cytokine without a common letter differ significantly (P < 0.01).