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Figure 3

From: Factors influencing lysis time stochasticity in bacteriophage λ

Figure 3

Factors influencing λ lysis time stochasticity. (A) Effect of allelic variation in holin proteins on mean lysis times (MLTs) and standard deviations (SDs). (B) Effect of λ's late promoter p R ' activity [50] on MLTs, SDs and CVs (coefficients of variation). Solid curve is SD = 3.05 (72.73 + P)/P, where P was the p R ' activity. (C) Effects of p R ' activity and host growth rate on lysis time stochasticity. The regression line was obtained by fitting all data points from the late promoter activity (filled diamonds) and lysogen growth rate (open squares) treatments, except for the datum with the longest MLT and largest SD (from SYP028 in Table 2). (D) Effect of lysogen growth rate on MLT, SD, and CV. The fitted solid line shows the relationship between the growth rate and SD. All data are from Tables 1 and 2. Symbols: open circles, MLT; close circles, SD; closed triangles, CV.

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