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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Campylobacter jejuni dsb gene expression is regulated by iron in a Fur-dependent manner and by a translational coupling mechanism

Strain/plasmid Genotype or relevant characteristics Origin
C. jejunistrains
81-176 parental strain; pVir, pTet (TetR) G. Perez - Perez *
AG1 81-176 dba::aphA-3 This study
AL1 81-176 dsbI::cat This study
AG6 81-176 Δdba-dsbI::cat This study
AG11 81-176 fur::cat This study
480 parental strain J. van Putten **
AL4 480 dsbI::cat This study
AG15 480 fur::cat This study
E. coli strains
DH5α F- Φ80d lacZ ΔM15 Δ(lacZYA-orgF)U169 deoR recA1endA1 hsdR17 (rk- mk+) phoA supE44 λ- thi-1 gyrA96 relA1 Gibco BRL
TG1 supE44 hsdΔ 5 thi Δ(lac- proAB) F' [traD36 proAB + lacIq lacZΔM15] [26]
S17-1 recA pro hsdR RP4-2-Tc::Mu-Km::Tn7
Tmpr, Spcr, Strr
General cloning/Plasmid vectors
pGEM-T Easy Apr; LacZα Promega
pRY107 Kmr; E. coli/C. jejuni shuttle vector [27]
pRY109 Cmr; E. coli/C. jejuni shuttle vector [27]
pRK2013 Kmr; helper vector for E. coli/C. jejuni conjugation [28]
Plasmids for gene expression study
Cj stands for PCR-amplified C. jejuni 81-176 DNA fragment (PCR primers are given in brackets)
Cc stands for PCR-amplified C.coli 72Dz/92 DNA fragment (PCR primers are given in brackets)
cj stands for C. jejuni 81-176 gene
pUWM471 pMW10/1300 bp Cc (H0B - H4X) [39]
pUWM803 pMW10/440 bp Cj (Cjj879B - Cjj880X) This study
pUWM792 pMW10/1170 bp Cj (Cjj879B - Cjj881X) This study
pUWM795 pMW10/1980 bp Cj (Cjj879B - Cjj882X) This study
pUWM832 pMW10/690 bp Cj (Cjj880B - Cjj880X) This study
pUWM833 pMW10/750 bp Cj (Cjj880B2 - Cjj881X) This study
pUWM834 pMW10/900 bp Cj (Cjj881B - Cjj882X) This study
pUWM864 pMW10/660 bp Cj (Cjj882B3 - Cjj883X2) This study
pUWM827 pMW10/540 bp Cj (Cj19LX-2 - Cj18Bgl) This study
pUWM828 pMW10/720 bp Cj (Cj19LX-2 - Cj17Bgl) This study
pUWM858 pMW10/240 bp Cj (Cjj45B - Cjj44X) This study
Plasmids for mutagenesis
pAV80 pBluescript II SK/cjfur::cat [25]
pUWM622 pBluescript II KS/cjdba::aphA-3 This study
pUWM713 pGEM-T Easy/cjdsbI::cat This study
pUWM867 pGEM-T Easy/Δcjdba-cjdsbI::cat This study
Plasmids for translational coupling study
pUWM769 pRY107/cjdba-cjdsbI operon This study
pUWM811 pRY107/cjdba (M1R)-cjdsbI operon This study
pUWM812 pRY107/cjdba (L29stop)-cjdsbI operon This study
pUWM1072 pBluescript II SK/promoter of cjdba-cjdsbI operon This study
pUWM1100 pBluescript II SK/cjdsbI with its own promoter This study
pUWM1103 pRY107/cjdsbI with its own promoter This study
Plasmid for recombinant protein synthesis and purification
pUWM657 pET28a/cjdsbI (1100 bp 5'-terminal fragment) This study
pUWM1098 pET24d/cjfur (fur coding region) This study
  1. * New York University School of Medicine, USA
  2. ** Utrecht University, The Netherlands.