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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids

From: Specific antibody-receptor interactions trigger InlAB-independent uptake of listeria monocytogenes into tumor cell lines

Strains and plasmids Relevant genotype Reference or source
L. monocytogenes
ΔtrpS × pFlo-trpS
wild-type T. Chakraborty (University of Giessen, Germany [36]
ΔtrpS,inlA/B × pFlo-trpS   [32]
Lm-spa- ΔtrpS,aroA,inlA/B × pFlo-trpS This work
Lm-spa+ ΔtrpS,aroA,inlA/B,int::Phly-spa × pFlo-trpS This work
ΔtrpS × pSP0-PactA-gfp   [36]
Lm-spa- × pSP0-P actA -gfp ΔtrpS,aroA,inlA/B × pSP0-PactA-gfp This work
Lm-spa+,aroA+ × pSP0-P actA -gfp ΔtrpS,inlA/B,int::Phly-spa × pSP0-PactA-gfp This work
Lm-spa+ × pSP0-P actA -gfp ΔtrpS,aroA,inlA/B,int::Phly-spa × pSP0-PactA-gfp This work
pFlo-trpS TcR, [36]
pSP0-PactA-gfp EmR, gfp-ORF, actA-promoter [36]
pLSV101intAB EmR, ORIts, mutagenesis plasmid [31]
pLSV101intAB::P hly -spa spa-ORF, hly-promoter This work