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Table 4 Transfer frequency of self-transmissible and symbiotic plasmids a

From: The conjugative plasmid of a bean-nodulating Sinorhizobium fredii strain is assembled from sequences of two Rhizobium plasmids and the chromosome of a Sinorhizobiumstrain

Donor Relevant genotype Transfer Frequencyb
   STPc pSym
CFN42 wild type R. etli 10-2 10-6
CFNX195 CFN42 derivative: pRet42a-, pRet42d::Tn5mob -d NDe
GR64 wild type S. fredii 10-1 10-4
GR64-2 GR64/pSfr64a-, pSfr64b::Tn5mob - ND
GR64-3 GR64-2/pRet42a::Tn5-GDYN ND ND
GR64-5 GR64/pSfr64a-, pSfr64b-, pRet42a::Tn5-GDYN ND -
GR64-6 GR64/pSfr64a-, pSfr64b-, pSfr64a::Tn5-GDYN 10-1 -
CFN2001-1 CFN2001/pSfr64b::Tn5mob - ND
CFN2001-2 CFN2001-1/pRet42a::Tn5-GDYN 10-4 10-6
CFN2001-3 CFN2001-1/pSfr64a::Tn5-GDYN ND ND
  1. a Strain GMI9023 was used as receptor. All crosses were repeated at least three times.
  2. b Expressed as the number of transconjugants per donor.
  3. c STP: Self Transmissible Plasmid
  4. d Not done
  5. e not detected (transfer frequency <10-9).