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Table 2 Nodulation assay of bean-nodulating strains.a

From: The conjugative plasmid of a bean-nodulating Sinorhizobium fredii strain is assembled from sequences of two Rhizobium plasmids and the chromosome of a Sinorhizobiumstrain

Strain Relevant features No nodules/plantb
CFN42 wild type R. etli 57.3 (31.0)
GR64 wild type bean-nodulating S. fredii 30.6 (5.3)
CFN2001-1 CFN2001/pSfr64b::Tn5mob 31.6 (13.1)
GR64-2 pSfr64a-, pSfr64b::Tn5mob 24 (7.4)
GR64-4 pSfr64a-, pSfr64b- 0
GMI9023/pSfr64b GMI9023 with pSfr64b::Tn5mob 4.6 (3.2)
GMI9023/pSfr64a GMI9023 with pSfr64a::Tn5-GDYN 0
GMI9023 wild type 0
  1. a Average of three plants
  2. b Standard deviation