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Figure 1

From: The conjugative plasmid of a bean-nodulating Sinorhizobium fredii strain is assembled from sequences of two Rhizobium plasmids and the chromosome of a Sinorhizobiumstrain

Figure 1

Eckhardt type gel showing the plasmid profile of S. fredii strain GR64 and derivatives, in comparison to R. etli CFN42. Panel A. Ethidium bromide stained Eckhardt gel. Lane 1: CFN42, lane 2: wild type GR64, lane 3: GR64-2, lane 4: GR64-3, lane 5: GR64-4, lane 6: GR64-5, lane 7: GR64-6, lane 8: GMI9023/pSfr64a, lane 9: GMI9023/pSfr64b, lane 10: CFN2001, lane 11: CFN2001-1, lane 12: CFN2001- 2, lane 13: CFN2001-3. Panel B. Ethidium bromide stained Eckhardt gel (lanes 1 and 2), and Southern blot of the plasmid profiles probed with pSfr64a (lanes 3 and 4). Lanes 1 and 3: GR64-1 (GR64/pSfr64a::Tn5-GDYN, pSfr64b::Tn5mob), lanes 2 and 4: GR64-2 (pSfr64a-, pSfr64b::Tn5mob).

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