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Table 3 Similarity measure between virulence genes and Cluster 1 E. coli strains from all groups.

From: Virulence gene profiling of enterohemorrhagic (EHEC) and enteropathogenic (EPEC) Escherichia coli strains: a basis for molecular risk assessment of typical and atypical EPEC strains

Genetic elementa Virulence gene Similarity measureb
OI-122 nleB 1.000
OI-122 ent/espL2 0.991
OI-122 nleE 0.947
OI-71 nleH1-2 0.684
OI-71 nleF 0.621
OI-71 nleA 0.553
OI-57 nleG6-2 0.527
CP-933N espK 0.511
pO157 ehxA 0.445
OI-57 nleG5-2 0.440
pO157 etpD 0.402
pO157 espP 0.399
pO157 katP 0.382
  1. a) harbouring the virulence gene; b) A value of 1 indicates complete similarity, while a value of zero means no similarity [49].