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Table 3 Comparison of doubling times of ANME in different enrichment systems

From: Enrichment of a microbial community performing anaerobic oxidation of methane in a continuous high-pressure bioreactor

Sediment origin ANME group Methane pressure Operational mode Doubling time (months) Reference
Monterey Bay ANME-1 Ambient Continuous flow 1.1 [16]
Gulf of Mexico ANME-1 1.5 MPa Batch 2-3.4 [22]
Eckernforde Bay ANME-2a Ambient Continuous flow 3.8 [10]
Monterey Bay ANME-2c Ambient Continuous flow 1.4 [16]
Hydrate Ridge ANME-2a/2c and SRB consortia 1.4 MPa Fed-batch 7.5 [9]