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Table 1 Primers and probes used in this study.

From: Enrichment of a microbial community performing anaerobic oxidation of methane in a continuous high-pressure bioreactor

Name (labelling) Sequence (5' to 3') Positions Specificity References
PCR primers
Arch-21f TTC CGG TTG ATC CYG CCG GA 21-40 Archaea [28]
Arch-958r YCC GGC GTT GAM TCC AAT T 958-976 Archaea [28]
27f AGA GTT TGA TCC TGG CTC AG 27-46 Eubacteria [29]
1492r GGT TAC CTT GTT ACG ACT T 1492-1510 Eubacteria [30]
CARD-FISH probes
ANME1-350 AGT TTT CGC GCC TGA TGC 350-367 ANME-1 archaea [4]
EelMS932 AGC TCC ACC CGT TGT AGT 932-949 ANME-2 archaea [4]
ANME3-1249 TCG GAG TAG GGA CCC ATT 1250-1267 ANME-3 archaea [31]
ANME3-1249H3 GTC CCA ATC ATT GTA GCC GGC 1229-1249 Helper probe for ANME3-1249 [32]
ANME3-1249H5 TTA TGA GAT TAC CAT CTC CTT 1268-1288 Helper probe for ANME3-1249 [32]
DSS658 TCC ACT TCC CTC TCC CAT 658-685 Desulfosarcina spp., Desulfofaba spp., Desulfococcus spp., Desulfofrigus spp. [33]