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Figure 1

From: New V. choleraeatypical El Tor variant emerged during the 2006 epidemic outbreak in Angola

Figure 1

ICE Vch Ang3 genetic structure. Schematic linear representation (adapted from Wozniak et al., 2009) of the genes amplified by PCR to define the molecular structure of ICEVchAng3. The upper line represents the conserved backbone of the SXT/R391 family members. The black arrows indicate insertion sites for ICEVchInd5/ICEVchAng3 specific gene content. Genes in orange were tested with primer set A. Genes in blue were tested with primer set B. Genes not tested are shown in grey. VR: Variable Region; HS: Hotspot. GenBank accession no. of the full sequence of ICEVchInd5 is GQ463142[12].

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