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Table 1 List of strains and plasmids

From: Single-cell time-lapse analysis of depletion of the universally conserved essential protein YgjD

Strain name Relevant genotype Source
DY330 W3110□lacU169 gal490 cI857 (cro-bioA) [42]
MG1655 F- lambda- ilvG- rfb-50 rph-1 [43]
TB55 MG1655 araC-kan-yabI This study
TB79 kan-araC-Para-ygjD This study
TB80 frt::araC-Para-ygjD This study
TB82 frt::araC-Para-ygjD ΔrelA::kan This study
TB83 frt::araC-Para-ygjD ΔrelA::frt This study
TB84 frt::araC-Para-ygjD ΔrelA::frt ΔspoT::kan This study
FfH kan-araC-Para-ffh This study
DnaT kan-araC-Para-dnaT This study
FldA kan-araC-Para-fldA This study
AB1058 ΔspoT::kan ΔrelA::frt This study
pCP20 FLP+ λ cI857+ λ PR Repts AmpR CamR [39]