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Table 3 A summary of the binding of S. aureus polypeptides to immobilized ligands

From: Adhesive polypeptides of Staphylococcus aureus identified using a novel secretion library technique in Escherichia coli

Polypeptide tested ELISA* cell-free supernatant ELISA* purified 6xHis polypeptide SPR purified 6xHis polypeptide
ΔNarG - - -
ΔFnBPA Fn - Fn
ΔEbh Fn Fn (Fn), Fg
ΔCoa (Fn), Fg (Fn), Fg, Fg
ΔPurK Fn, Fg Fn, (CI) Fn, Fg
ΔSCOR (Fn), (Fg) ND ND
ΔUsp Fn, Fg, (CIV) (Fn) Fg
ΔIspD (Fn), (Fg) ND ND
ΔPBP (Fn), (Fg) - -
D1-D3 Fn ND ND
  1. * Binding of polypeptides to immobilized target molecules by enzyme-linked immunoassay
  2. † Binding of polypeptides to immobilized target molecules by surface plasmon resonance
  3. ‡ C-terminally FLAG-tagged recombinant polypeptide used as positive control in screening of the FTP library
  4. - indicate no binding; ligand in brackets indicate weak binding
  5. ND, indicate not determined. The SCOR and IspD polypeptides could not be produced as 6xHis recombinant polypeptides and the D1-D3 polypeptide was produced into the cell-free growth medium and did not carry a His tag.