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Table 3 Summary of sources of P. multocida isolates selected for analysis by multilocus sequence typing.

From: Multilocus sequence typing of a global collection of Pasteurella multocidaisolates from cattle and other host species demonstrates niche association

Host n Source Year Epidemiological or Clinical Data Reference
Bovine respiratory 37 Scotland 2008 Cross-sectional survey. 1 isolate per RAPD type per farm (32 farms), predominantly non-clinical [6]
  30 UK 1984-2007 Epidemiologically unrelated. Clinical.  
  19 UK 2000 Single BRD outbreak (clinically affected and unaffected)  
  8 USA   Feedlot cattle  
  39 France 2008 BRD outbreaks on farm. 1 isolate per RAPD type per farm (20 farms)  
Bovine non-respiratory 12 Southeast/South Asia   Haemorrhagic septicaemia (HS)  
  3 Tropics   Clinical status unknown. Grouped with HS on basis of isolate origin  
Ovine 10 NZ   Multiple source farms, outbreak during transport [33]
  18 Spain   Clinical, several farms within one region  
Porcine 13 UK   Bronchopneumonia. Distinct PFGE types [5]
Avian 9 Southeast Asia/unknown   Fowl cholera  
Other 3 Various   2 elephants (Asia), 1 human  
Total 201     
  1. RAPD: random-amplified polymorphic DNA; BRD: bovine respiratory disease; PFGE: pulsed-field gel electrophoresis