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Table 7 Genes with positively selected amino-acid changes between the East Asian and the European H. pylori

From: Evolution in an oncogenic bacterial species with extreme genome plasticity: Helicobacter pyloriEast Asian genomes

Locus tag Gene Description p-value(a) Positively selected sites (b,c)
HP0547 cagA Cag pathogenicity island protein < 1E-21 V238R (0.994)
     A482Q (0.953)
HP0373 homC Putative outer membrane protein < 1E-14 E110N (0.978)
     K428H (0.986)
     T437D (0.979)
HP0492 hpaA-2 Hpa paralog < 1E-5 S34V (0.970)
     A46Q (0.993)
     R122F (0.967)
     K127S (0.962)
HP1185 sotB Sugar efflux transporter protein 0.00005 T50S (0.956)
     A57L (0.990)
     N134G (0.983)
     W186Y (0.980)
mHP0174   Hypothetical protein 0.0007 F144W (0.952)
mHP1415 miaA General tRNA delta(2)-isopentenylpyrophosphate transferase 0.0002 H174A (0.992)
HP0887 vacA Vacuolating cytotoxin A 0.002(d) S793A (0.964) (d) N931A (0.960) (d)
  1. a) Bonferonni adjusted.
  2. b) Posterior probabilities of dN/dS > 1.
  3. c) Positions are for H. pylori 26695. Residues were aligned at the same site by both Mafft [128] and PRANK [136].
  4. d) Two vacA genes (in B38 and B8) were eliminated because they belonged to different subtypes of the gene.