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Table 5 Selected genes diverged between East Asian (hspEAsia) and European (hpEurope) H. pylori

From: Evolution in an oncogenic bacterial species with extreme genome plasticity: Helicobacter pyloriEast Asian genomes

Function Genes (classified by divergence within hspEAsia)
  Conserved(a) Average(b) Diverged(c)
Known virulence genes   vacA, tipα cagA, hcpD
Outer membrane proteins   oipA/oipA-2, vacA, vacA-4 hpaA-2, homC, hopJ/hopK, horI
Lipopolysaccharide synthesis (Lewis antigen mimicry)   agt futA/futB
Transport   secG , sotB , comH , cvpA yajC
Motility and chemotaxis cheY maf, fliT fliK
Redox fixQ hypD, frxA, pgl, nuoF fixS, hydE
Nuclease   rnhA addA, rnhB, hsdR
Protein synthesis   def, prmA, tilS miaA
Antibiotic-related   def, frxA , ftsA  
  1. Full list and details in Table 6, Additional file 5 (= Table S4) and text. Genes in bold were also extracted in the comparison of 6 hspEAsia vs. 5 hpEurope (Additional file 7 (= Table S5)).
  2. (a) d b <d b *. Zone 1 in Figure 3. (b) d b d b *. Zone 2. (c) d b >d b *. Zone 3.