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Table 4 Phenotypes of the different mutants of E. coli ssrA

From: Study of the functionality of the Helicobacter pylori trans-translation components SmpB and SsrA in an heterologous system

E. coli
SsrA version
Effects on SsrA SsrA tag appended to truncated proteins EOP§ Reference
SsrAWT Wild type ANDENYALAA 1 [14, 15]
SsrAresume Substitution of the resume
codon by a stop codon
None 1.3 × 10-5 [14]
SsrAwobble Absence of alanylation of the tRNA-like domain of SsrA None 5 × 10-5 [28]
SsrASmpB Absence of interaction between SsrA and SmpB None N.D.  
SsrADD Substitution of the last two
alanine residues of the tag
by two aspartate residues
ANDENYALDD 0.5 -- 0.1 [28]
SsrASTOP Two stop codons added after
the resume codon
Minimal tag added 0.9 [14]
  1. § EOP is the ratio between the titer of phage on a lawn of bacteria expressing one of the indicated SsrA versions and the titer of phage on a wild type bacterial lawn; N.D.: Not determined.