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Table 2 E. coli strain used in this study.

From: Study of the functionality of the Helicobacter pylori trans-translation components SmpB and SsrA in an heterologous system

Strains ssrA and smpB alleles Plasmids
[antibiotic resistance]
MG1655 pILL2150 smpBEcssrAEc/pILL2150 multicopy [Cm]
MG1655 pEXT21 smpBEc ssrAEc/pEXT21> low copy [Sp]
MG1655 ΔsmpB pILL2150 ΔsmpBEc ssrAEc/pILL2150 multicopy [Cm]
MG1655 ΔsmpB pILL786 ΔsmpBEc ssrAEc/pILL2150 with smpBHp multicopy [Cm]
MG1655 ΔssrA pILL2150 smpBEcΔssrAEc/pILL2150 multicopy [Cm]
MG1655 ΔssrA pILL2334 smpBEcΔssrAEc/pILL2334 with ssrAEc-WT multicopy [Cm]
MG1655 ΔssrA pILL788 smpBEcΔssrAEc/pILL2150 with ssrAHp-WT multicopy [Cm]
MG1655 ΔssrA pILL2318 smpBEcΔssrAEc/pEXT21 with ssrAHp-WT low copy [Sp]
MG1655 ΔssrA pILL791 smpBEcΔssrAEc/pILL2150 with ssrAHp-DD multicopy [Cm]
MG1655 ΔssrA pILL792 smpBEcΔssrAEc/pILL2150 with ssrAHp-resume multicopy [Cm]
MG1655 ΔssrA pILL793 smpBEcΔssrAEc/pILL2150 with ssrAHp-wobble multicopy [Cm]
MG1655 ΔssrA pILL794 smpBEcΔssrAEc/pILL2150 with ssrAHp-smpB multicopy [Cm]
MG1655 ΔssrA pILL2328 smpBEcΔssrAEc/pILL2150 with ssrAHp-STOP multicopy [Cm]
  1. The doubling time of each E. coli strain was calculated from growth curves performed in LB medium at 37°C with chloramphenicol [Cm] 100 μg/ml or with spectinomycin [Sp] 100 μg/ml.