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Table 5 Tools and Database not available in CoBaltDB

From: CoBaltDB: Complete bacterial and archaeal orfeomes subcellular localization database and associated resources

Program Reference Analytical method CoBaltDB features prediction group(s)
SpLip [174] Weight matrix LIPO   (only Spirochaetal)  
PROTEUS2 [175] Multi-Methods   SEC αTMB βBarrel
PRED-TMR2 [176] NN    αTMB  
PRODIV-TMHMM [72] Multi HMM    αTMB  
S_TMHMM [72] HMM    αTMB  
TransMem [69] NN    αTMB  
BPROMPT [177] Bayesian Belief Network    αTMB  
orienTM [178] Statistical analysis    αTMB  
APSSP2 [179] Multi-Methods    Secondary structure  
PRALINE_TM [180] Alignment, tools consensus    Secondary structure  
OPM (DB) [181] Multi-Methods    Membrane orientation  
MP_Topo (DB) [182] Experimental    TMB  
PDBTM (DB) [183] TMDET algorithm    TMB  
TMB-HMM A.Garrow HMM, SVM     βBarrel
TMBETA-SVM [86] SVM     βBarrel
TMBETA-GENOME (DB) [184] Multi-Methods     βBarrel
PredictProtein [185] Alignment, Multi-Methods Localization    
EcoProDB (DB) [186] Identification on 2D gels Localization   (only E.coli)  
LOCTARGET (DB) [187] Multi-Methods Localization    
DBMLoc (DB) [188] _ Localization    
  1. NN: Neural Network, HMM: Hidden Markov Model, SVM: Support Vector Machine