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Table 1 A summary of CoBaltDB precomputed features-tools

From: CoBaltDB: Complete bacterial and archaeal orfeomes subcellular localization database and associated resources

Program Reference Analytical method CoBaltDB features prediction group(s)
LipoP 1.0 Server [59] HMM + NN LIPO   SEC   
DOLOP [57] RE LIPO     
LIPO [56] RE LIPO     
TatP 1.0 [53] RE + NN   TAT    
TATFIND 1.4 [52] RE   TAT    
PrediSi [112] Position weight matrix    SEC   
SignalP 3.0 Server [4547] HMM + NN    SEC   
SOSUIsignal [113] Multi-programs    SEC   
SIG-Pred J.R. Bradford Matrix    SEC   
RPSP [44] NN    SEC   
Phobius [48, 49] HMM    SEC αTMB  
HMMTOP [71] HMM     αTMB  
TMHMM Server v.2.0 [70] HMM     αTMB  
TM-Finder [65] AA FEATURES     αTMB  
SVMtm [73] SVM     αTMB  
SPLIT 4.0 Server [115] AA FEATURES     αTMB  
MCMBB [116] HMM      βBarrel
TMBETADISC: [117]       
_COMP   AA FEATURES      βBarrel
_DIPEPTIDE   Dipeptide composition      βBarrel
_MOTIF   Motif(s)      βBarrel
TMB-Hunt2 [118] SVM      βBarrel
  1. HMM: Hidden Markov Model, NN: Neural Network, RE: Regular Expression, AA: Amino Acid, SVM: Support Vector Machine