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Figure 2

From: Melanin in Fonsecaea pedrosoi: a trap for oxidative radicals

Figure 2

Light microscopy of the fungal interaction with activated murine macrophages. Light micrographs of activated murine macrophages after interaction in a 1:10 ratio with: (A) TC-treated F. pedrosoi conidia, (B) F. pedrosoi conidia grown under low aeration conditions, (C) control conidia of F. pedrosoi, (D) S. cerevisiae cells and (E) S. cerevisiae cells incubated with melanin from F. pedrosoi. Fungal cells are marked with arrows. The precipitation of NBT-formazan (dark dye) in response to the oxidative response was observed in A, B and D. Bars = 1 μm

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