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Table 2 Level of rifampicin resistance and mutations found in the rpoB gene of MRSA isolates and control strains

From: Molecular characterization of resistance to Rifampicin in an emerging hospital-associated Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus clone ST228, Spain

Genotype (ST/SCCmec/PFGE) Rifampicin MICs (mg/L) Number of isolates Nucleotide mutation Amino acid substitution
ST228/IV-A/A 0.012 5 None  
ST228/I/B 2-4 28 C AT→A AT 481His→Asn
ST228/I/B 128 2 C AT→A AT G CT→A CT 481His→Asn 477Ala→Thr
ST228/I/B 256 1 C AT→A AT C AA→A AA 481His→Asn 468Gln→Lys
ST228/I/B 256 1 C AT→A AT A TT→C TT 481His→Asn 527Ile→Leu
ST247/I PER88 (Iberian clone) 256 1 C AT→A AT TCA→TTA 481His→Asn 529Ser→Leu
ST247/I ATCCBAA44 (Iberian clone) 2 1 C AT→A AT 481His→Asn