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Table 2 aoxB relative expression in H. arsenicoxydans wild-type and mutant strains.

From: Multiple controls affect arsenite oxidase gene expression in Herminiimonas arsenicoxydans

Strain aoxB expression
Wild type 9.406 0.630
Ha3109 (rpoN) 0.250 0.060
Ha483 (aoxR) 0.111 0.024
Ha482 (aoxS) 0.200 0.029
Ha2646 (dnaJ) 1.156 0.289
  1. Expression ratios of aoxB in H. arsenicoxydans wild-type and mutant strains without As(III) versus an As(III) 8 hours induction (1.33 mM), as measured by quantitative RT-PCR. Expression of each gene was normalized to the expression of the two housekeeping genes HEAR0118 and HEAR2922 coding for a peptide deformylase and a putative RNA methyltransferase, respectively. Standard errors were calculated from the data of two quantitative PCR replicates obtained from two independent biological replicates. Bold text indicates statistically significant induction.