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Figure 3

From: Inositol monophosphate phosphatase genes of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Figure 3

Analyses of cell wall major constituents of some representative mutants; the other strains exhibited profiles similar to those shown. (A) TLC analysis of extractable lipids. (B) SDS-PAGE of lipopolysaccharides. WT: M. tuberculosis H37Rv; ΔA: impA mutant; ΔB: suhB mutant; S: authentic standard of mycobacterial LAM and M. bovis BCG LM; TMM: trehalose monomycolate; PE: phosphatidylglycerol; PG: phosphatidylethanolamine; LAM: lipoarabinomannan; LM: lipomannan; PIM: phosphatidylinositol mannoside.

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