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Figure 2

From: Identification and functional characterisation of Complement Regulator Acquiring Surface Protein-1 of serum resistant Borrelia garinii OspA serotype 4

Figure 2

Detection of deposited C5b-9 complex on the surface of Borrelia by Immunofluorescence microscopy. B. garinii PBi and VSBP and B. burgdorferi ss B31 were incubated with 25% NHS and deposition of C5b-C9 was detected by a MAb. Few cells of B. garinii ST4 PBi stained positive for C5b-C9, while almost all spirochetes were covered with C5b-C9 using B. garinii non-ST4 VSBP. The absence of deposition of C5b-C9 onto B. burgdorferi ss B31 is comparable to B. garinii ST4 PBi.

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