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Figure 1

From: Streptococcal collagen-like surface protein 1 promotes adhesion to the respiratory epithelial cell

Figure 1

Nucleotide and inferred amino acid sequences of scl1 and scl2 genes in S. pyogenes M29588 strain (M92 type). (A) scl1 coding sequence consists of 1,287 bp which encodes a protein with 428 amino acids. Scl1 protein is composed of signal sequence (SS) followed by a predicted cleavage site (arrowhead), 71 amino acids in V region, 46 GXX triplet motifs (boxed) in CL region, and 6 PGEKAPEKS repeats (underlined) in L region, and the LPATGE cell wall anchor motif (shaded) in WM region. (B) Scl2 protein is translated from the predicted GTG start codon (Val). Thirteen AACAA coding repeats (boxed), located immediately after the GTG start codon, are followed by a premature translation termination at the 89th amino acid residue (asteriated).

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