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Table 3 Caco-2 cell tubulin and proteasome genes that were differentially expressed (modified-P < 0.05) in the microarray analysis after co-culturing with L. plantarum MB452 (OD600 nm 0.9) for 10 hours.

From: Lactobacillus plantarum MB452 enhances the function of the intestinal barrier by increasing the expression levels of genes involved in tight junction formation

Gene Name Symbol Refseq ID Fold Change
tubulin, alpha 1b TUBA1B NM_006082 -1.45
tubulin, alpha 1c TUBA1C NM_032704 -1.35
tubulin, alpha 3d TUBA3D NM_080386 -1.22
tubulin, alpha 4a TUBA4A NM_006000 -1.27
tubulin, beta TUBB NM_178014 -1.20
tubulin, beta 3 TUBB3 NM_006086 -1.20
tubulin, beta 6 TUBB6 NM_032525 -1.30
tubulin, beta 2c TUBB2C NM_006088 -1.35
proteasome, alpha subunit, 5 PSMA4 NM_002789 -1.24
proteasome, beta subunit, 1 PSMB1 NM_002793 -1.21
proteasome, beta subunit, 6 PSMB6 NM_002798 -1.22
proteasome, beta subunit, 7 PSMB7 NM_002799 -1.28
proteasome, 26 s subunit, 5 PSMC5 NM_002805 -1.24
proteasome, 26 s subunit non-ATPase, 12 PSMD12 NM_002816 -1.25
proteasome, activator subunit, 2 PSME2 NM_002818 -1.24