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Table 1 Summary of the LOS phenotypes from different C. jejuni isolates.

From: Temperature-dependent phenotypic variation of Campylobacter jejuni lipooligosaccharides

Origin C. jejuni strain LOS phenotype at 37°C LOS phenotype at 42°C
chicken 331* H, L H, L•
  434 H, L H, L•
  506* H, L H, L
  913* H H
  008 H H
  019 H H
  7-1 H, L H, L
  RM1221 H, L H, L
human 224* H, L H, L•
  291 H, L H, L
  351 H, L H, L
  375 H H
  388 H, L H, L
  421* H, L H, L•
  520 H, L H, L
  11168-GS* H, L H, L•
  81116 H, L H, L
  1. H, higher-Mr LOS form
  2. L, lower-Mr LOS form
  3. • Increase in the amount of LOS produced
  4. *Shown in Figure 7.