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Table 1 E. coli strains and plasmids used in the presented study

From: Genes regulated by the Escherichia coli SOS repressor LexA exhibit heterogenous expression

Bacterial strains Relevant properties Source/reference
RW118 thr-1 araD139 Δ(gpt-proA)62 lacY1 tsx-33 supE44 galK2 hisG4 rpsL31 xyl-5 mtl-1 argE thi-1 sulA211 R. Woodgate
RW464 RW118 recA R. Woodgate
RW542 RW118 lexA51 (Def) R. Woodgate
pSC101 derivative pSC101 low copy plasmid origin with promoterless GFPmut3 gene, Knr 21
pSC300 caa-gfp Knr This study
pSC301 cna-gfp Knr This study
pSC302 ce1a-gfp Knr This study
pSC303 ce7a-gfp Knr This study
pSC304 cma-gfp Knr This study
pColA-CA31 caa cai cal A. P. Pugsley
pColN-284 cna cni cnl A. P. Pugsley
pColE1-K53 ce1a ce1i ce1l A. P. Pugsley
pColE7-K317 ce7a ce7i ce7l A. P. Pugsley
pCHAP1 cma A. P. Pugsley
pSC200 lexA-gfp Knr 21
pSC201 recA-gfp Knr 21
pSC202 umuD-gfp Knr 21
pSC203 uvrA-gfp Knr 21
pDsRed-Express2-N1 DsRed-Expre ss2 reporter Knr B. Glick
pKCT3 cka-gfp Apr Knr 19
pKCT10 cka-DsRed-Express2 Apr This study